5 reasons that convinced me and might convince you too

close up of a typewriter showing the words, “Self Publish.”
close up of a typewriter showing the words, “Self Publish.”
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It was not an easy decision to undertake self-publishing. Here are the five main reasons I decided to. If they resonate with you, it might be time to consider taking the plunge.

Which ad from the big game was the biggest insult to human dignity?

And the award for dystopian conceptual jiujitsu goes to…Squarespace!

Their Super Bowl spot featuring Dolly Parton singing a sparkling inversion of her hit 9 to 5 (5 to 9 in this case) was a study in using the momentum of a socio-economic tragedy against the viewer, flipping it into a snazzy sales pitch. While Ms. Parton sings we see people getting off from their grey, soul-sucking, wage-slave jobs dancing off into the distance, somehow celebrating that they now have to go home and CONTINUE WORKING(!) …

10 yrs!?

-Edgar Wright’s genius for capturing the struggles of twenty somethings continues to amaze after ten years.

For Scott Pilgrim age means a lot. The story takes place at a moment in the characters’ lives when just five years can feel like a lifetime. The difference between 18 and 23 might as well be the distance from here to the next galaxy.

In the movie Scott gets grief for dating a high school senior. He’s twenty-two. The oldest person in Scott’s circle is twenty-five. A couple of the villains, bad guy interlopers that must be dispatched, are maybe in their thirties…

Our artifacts tell what happened and what other possibilities there might have been.

Watch the video linked below then read the article.


Dorothy Donegan, the pianist in the above clip, had all the makings of a star. She was compelling to watch, had loads of personality, and a fiery unique talent that could dwarf other performers otherwise thought to be great in their own right. For proof of this watch the accompanying video and notice the way her piano styling makes the other Pianist, Gene Rogers, sound like he’s playing with his hands soaked in glue, sticky and slow.

Lock Down, Quarantine, Shelter in Place: I have never been so aware of the strange enchantment of being in a crowd.

As it turns out we’re actually pretty good as a species at improvised community.

For instance: Lollapalooza 2008 let out late at night onto a closed and emptied Michigan Avenue. The streets of downtown Chicago instantly filled with ecstatic persons walking and running up the center of streets like a jailbreak making for subway trains and hotel rooms.

You don’t know the person next to you or anyone for miles around. All you know is that they are like…

If Terry Jones had peers they were mostly from other centuries.

I happened to be re-reading Stephen Greenblat’s book The Swerve when I heard about the passing of Terry Jones. Unrelated though that may seem there was a distinct resonance between Jones and the subject of Greenblat’s book.

The Swerve is an account of the recovery of De Rerum Natura, an ancient Roman poem that predicted in broad strokes such elemental truths as atomic theory and the heliocentric solar system. …

— The league lacks large scale consistent visibility.

The NBA groomed me as a fan early on. It’s not impossible to imagine a universe where I stayed true my whole life, watching multiple games a week, buying tickets and apparel right up to the present day on the cusp of my forties. But that has not happened. Somewhere it lost my attention and judging by the NBA’s own numbers and analysis from media outlets like Fivethirtyeight, I’m not alone.

Somewhere along the line the NBA lost me and a large part of its cultural cache. Even with a powerhouse generation…


The new film The Lighthouse is a striking stylistic exercise. It was shot on black and white film in a square, 1:1 aspect ratio familiar to anyone whose ever shot a TLR camera.

The performances by Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson are worthy of their place locked in a battle of wills against each other and the sea, isolated on a windswept island.

I’ll Be Your Girl: The Decmberists Go Big (Album Review)

Beginning as hurdy-gurdy anachronists, creaking acoustic tellers of gothic tales and hoary tragedies; The Decmberists finally grew into pseudo operatic prog-rock showmen with their 2008 concept album The Hazards of Love. They then decamped for more traditional College Rock and Indie Guitar Pop without fully abandoning their love of ghosts, eerie personification of nature, and pre-20th century martial imagery.

With I’ll Be Your Girl they once again expand their style without abandoning its elements. Much the same way Hazards of Love expanded their storytelling, rescuing what had become a slightly…

I’d be willing to agree that movies are our culture’s primary artform. Yet it seems that movie trailers are the quickest route to our cultural psyche. So much money goes into movies, so much collective intention, and trailers are the one-shot, hail mary pass to score your attention. They’ve necessarily condensed into maniacally efficient thematic declarations. …

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